Leavers of 1992 Reunion
Saturday 14th July 2012 was a week after HCS broke up for the summer holidays and an intrepid bunch of the 1992 year group came back to relive their school days, a full 20 years after leaving.

The day started with dignified afternoon drinks and nibbles on Deanery Lawn to include all offspring and partners, followed by a less sedate ‘champagne and canapé knees up’ at Saxty’s just for the adults. We had a fun afternoon with some rather hesitant episodes of mistaken identity, lots of laughter, nostalgia and a tour of the school. There have been a fair number of changes but it still brought back a lot of memories.

The evening was very kindly hosted by Ed Symmonds (one of the 1992 year group) at his wine bar, Saxty’s. The champagne and canapés flowed all night and into the early hours – a big thank you to Ed for your generosity from everyone who attended.

Our numbers were around 30 Old Herefordians and some of our past teachers at both parts of the day, and I think the photos speak for themselves to say how much fun we all found it. I think there might have been a few hangovers the next day! We did try to find more of you, so if you’re reading this and you didn’t hear about it, please do get in touch – it would be great to hear from you.

Many thanks go to Helen and Clare from the HCS development office, this wouldn’t have got anywhere without them. Thanks also go to Kate Seal, Rosie Chandler and Gail Preece for organising it with me.

A note to all OHs - it’s not as much of a ‘show and tell’ as you might imagine, I don’t think anyone asked me my job or how many kids I had! We would love to hear from any of the 1992 year group who we didn’t manage to get in touch with maybe leave link to face book page ? or email school development officer?

Alex Probert (nee Havard)
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