Leavers of 1987-1989 Reunion
A beautifully sunny Saturday in May saw the class of 82-89 reunite at No.1 to recognise 25 years since leaving HCS. Despite the years, and many miles of separation, conversation was instantly buzzing and old friendships immediately sparked again. Over 40 former pupils and family gathered for afternoon tea on the lawn and were joined by more than half a dozen of their former teachers and headmaster, some of whom are retired but with many still teaching at the school! After a couple of hours of conversation and reminiscing they were eventually interrupted to enjoy a trip down memory lane with a tour of the school, old and new. This included the new sports hall, which impressed by comparison to the old gym, and the former ‘big school’ and ‘studio theatre’ which is now the impressive school library.

The afternoon events soon morphed into the evening which began (rather early) with a couple of drinks at The Barrels and then on to Thai Gallery where 23 met for a fantastic meal and a determined good time! After visiting a couple of old haunts for a few more drinks the group ended up in Saxty’s, where the champagne flowed and conversation became slurred, well into the early hours of Sunday morning. A truly wonderful and special 12 hours were enjoyed with everyone suddenly having gained some ‘old’ friends again. And, it was agreed that this event should have happened a long time ago so a commitment was made to make this a regular event every 5 years from now onwards…watch this space.

Jason Hicks

People who attended

Jason & Sam Hicks

Nick Asbury

Sue Thomas (Williams)

Sarah Compton (Hall-Matthews)

James Bigglestone

Karen Williams

Sam Sprackling (Cook)

Natalie Shaw

Jeremy Williams

Andrew Blaber

Leicha Rickards (Rocke)

James Wilson

Mark Miles

Mark Worthing

Kate Baker (Butlin)

John Gould

Jake Sudlow

Rachael Barrett (Dobson)

Sarah Heins

Kirsty Anderson

David Butcher

David Edwards

Nikki Nelson (Davies)

Kate Layton (Hyland)

Caroline Brown

Robert McGinty

Dr Howard Tomlinson

Mr Priday

Mrs Miles

Jill Howard-Jones

Mr Dunn

Mrs Wooderson

Mrs Williams

Mary Lawrence
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