Leavers of 1988 Reunion
OH 30-Year Reunion of 1988 Leavers on Sat 12 May 2018

As a 1988 leaver, and a current member of staff at HCS I was honoured to accept the mantle of organising a 30-year reunion for my classmates. Luckily, a dozen of us had tagged along to the 1987 leaver’s event the previous year (to garner the protocol) and vowed to contact as many of our friends as possible, which made the whole task a lot easier. Via social media, and the sterling work of Helen Pearson and Claire Morgan-Jones in the Alumni Office, we were able to reach out to nearly two-thirds of the year group, some as far afield as Australia. A rough head count showed that of these, some 26 of us gathered on the day, with various partners and children.

Overcoming a certain amount of trepidation, one by one we stepped through the door of No. 1 Castle Street and were magically transported back three decades to a world of slightly distorted faces, a lot less (or simply greying) hair, which amply described the gentlemen; the ladies all looked as if they had discovered the secret to eternal youth and hadn’t aged a bit! The foyer of No. 1 quickly filled with a buzz of excitement of heady recollections, and despite the cliché, it truly was as though we had never left. I am not sure how much the Prosecco contributed to all this, but Paul Smith (the current HM) confided in me afterwards that it was the noisiest reunion event he had ever attended, and indeed, it took quite a while for OH President (and our former HM) Howard Tomlinson to quiet to the room for a welcome word! This was a true compliment to the strength of friendship and camaraderie we generated as a year group, and the wonderful nature of the day which started at 2pm and ran almost a full 12 hours by the time our heads hit the pillow/porcelain.

Some unforgettable, and truly forgettable, photographs appeared with many laughs and stories, which complemented the tour of the school into those nooks and crannies that we thought lost to time forever in the upper echelons of School House. Recollections of school plays and the odd prank in the current library nee Mr Gray’s theatre, the opportunity to sit at exactly the same desk in Mr Taylor’s upper Biology lab, and a sneaky peak into the hallowed staff room were amongst the tour highlights. Tea break in the dining room was a welcome interlude before we eloped to that favourite of student haunts, ‘The Spread’, as a warm-up to our evening meal at Zizi’s in the refurbished Old Market. A sociable meal regaling unrepeatable events of good and misfortune throughout our lifetimes cemented the OH bonds, before we scattered once again to our lives with a renewed youthful exuberance … or was that just me!

A special thank you must go to Edward Eastaugh for returning from Canada, Judy Firkins-Jacobs from Switzerland and Steve Durkin from Scotland for the reunion, as well as the rest of you for making the effort (you know who you are)! We all agreed that it truly was a blast, and that we would do it again in 2020 to celebrate our collective 50th birthdays … so put this date in your diary now: Saturday 23 May 2020, and keep spreading the word! Finally, thank you to HCS for hosting, and especially to Helen and Claire for ensuring the smooth running of the day and free flowing of the Prosecco.

Zac Watkins
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