Letters from the Front WW1 - TN Wilmot
Encloses a newspaper cutting from the Morning Post describing 'an extensive mine explosion to the north of the La Bassee-Bethune road'.

My dear mother

Very many thanks for your letter and Audrey's letter to Pocca.

We had the --- of a bombardment yesterday, and it is carrying on in a milder form today. We were in billets just behind yesterday and we got the bombardment in full, and last night we came up here for an extra four days. They are trying a new scheme which I hope won't work, which will keep us in the trenches for 24 days. This is such a hot corner that 24 days is too long to do consecutively.

I hope I shall get some leave fairly soon, but leave is going fairly slowly just at present.

I think Robert is round Armentieres way, as far I could gather from his letter. It is one of the best spots round here.

Coy Sgt Major Sumner was killed the last tour in the trenches. He was a great friend of mine. He was my Sgt Major on the 26th September. I have temporarily moved to B Coy which I don't like at all as I hardly know any of the men. Still I hope I shall get back to my platoon again soon.

We are having a rotten time on the whole. They always send over these gas shells when they fire nowadays.

I am glad Cecil has joined up. He could send in an application form from where he is for a commission.

Ned seems to be having a very good time where he is. I wonder they have not been sent out here. Machine Gunning is a good job all through though Machine Gunners round here have a very slack time.

I am glad Larry is going to get home for a bit. He will have a very nice time when he joins his Battn again where they are.

Ever your loving son Tom
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