Letters from the Front WW1- TN Wilmot
My dear mother

The weather is beginning to clear up now. What a rotten June we have had.

I don't when I shall get my leave now, no leave seems to be going, but I hope I shall get something next month.

Thank you very much for your two letters one via Robert. I had seen one of those two cuttings you sent in the papers. They were very good in places. Robert said he did not like it as it rather ran down the New Army -- but I don't think it did.

I am very sorry to hear about Aunt Emily, but she seems to have been in great pain and perhaps it is better than she did not live longer with such pain.

We are going up to the trenches again tonight. At present we are in billetts just behind. The working parties when we are just behind the trenches are becoming terrific.

I wonder how much longer the Germans will last. I hope to lay hands on one soon.

Well there's not much news I can tell you.

Give my love to all at home

Your loving son Tom
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