Andrew Davies (OH 1963 - 1970)
Currently a member of the National Assembly for Wales Andrew was born in Hereford on 5th May 1952 to Welsh parents. His mother came from Llandeilo and his father from Holywell, Fintshire.

Andrew attended the Cathedral School between 1963 and 1970 then went to Swansea University where he trained as a teacher.

Davies later worked for the Ford Motor Company and a public affairs company. He is also a qualified counsellor and has lectured in further, higher and continuing education.

As a former Chair of Swansea West Labour Party and a member of the Welsh Labour Executive Committee, he was a regional party official between 1984 and 1991. Davies was one of the architects of devolution, being the main organiser of the Labour Party Yes Campaign in 1997.

Andrew was elected to the Welsh Assembly and assumed office in 1999 as Labour member for the Swansea West constituency. He has since held a number of posts in the Cabinet as set out below.

One of those appointments was as Business Manager between May 1999 and February 2002, wherein A D held a place on the Business Committee. During the period of Labour minority government ( May 1999-October 2000 ) he also served as Chief Whip of the Labour group, but Standing Orders of the Labour Group prohibited him from holding this post during a coalition period.

Davies took personal responsibility for communications with the public and he remains one of the most high profile Cabinet Ministers. Indeed, he has a reputation for the most unusual photo-calls of any Cabinet Minister!

In February 2002 promotion followed the "tweak" by Rhodri Morgan to his Cabinet when, with Mike German AM still outside Government, Andrew was promoted to Minister for Economic Development. It is arguably the second most senior position in Cabinet and was seen as a reward for loyalty and for managing Assembly business.

In the May 2003 reshuffle A D also gained responsibility for transport policy. He helped to progress the Assembly's policy of extending broadband connectivity throughout Wales. From 2000 Andrew has also had personal responsibility for co-ordination of information technology in public institutions, and has sought to advance Wales's IT abilities on a European level.

In May 2007 Davies became Minister for Social Justice and Public Service delivery in the Labour led minority government. In the coalition government of Labour and Plaid Cymru, Davies managed to retain that appointment from 19 July.

Offices held in The Assembly have been:

Chief Whip 1999 - 2000

Minister for Assembly Business 1999 – 2002

Minister for Enterprise, Innovation & Networks 2002 – 2007

Minister for Social Justice & Public Service 2007

Minister for Finance & Public Service Delivery
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