Letters to Mother- TN Wilmott

My dear mother,

Thank you very much for the gloves and Joyce and Meriels presents. Will you thank them very much and say I'll write.

I'm afraid the gloves have had an awful test. They got lost in the muck but I managed to recover them and they are now drying. I think they will be alright they have not gone hard from burial.

I saw Larry about 4 days ago in the ruins of a brewery. Our battalion relieved his -- Larry himself had been in reserve. He looked very fit but had no hat and no hair for that matter.

He was lucky to get out when he did for we had a lovely time two days heavy bombardment a mine going up. He gained nothing by it though. By the way in this bombardment my pack equipment and revolver got buried in a dugout. I recovered the revolver but the pack is now built into the front line parapet.

We are out for 3 days and then we go in again for another six.

Please thank Robert very much for his letter which I got today.

Tell me as soon as Cecil arrives. I wonder what he will do. I would advise him at any rate to take a holiday before joining anything.

Your loving son Tom

PS Our Padre was killed after burying two men in that bombardment. He was a good man & more or less came over with the Bn on Sept 6th
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