Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
[July 18th 1915 KW date]

My dear mother

We were relieved from the trenches on Sunday night. They shelled us rather severely over last 2 days but otherwise there was nothing. We shall probably be back again by the time you get this. They shelled these billetts on Friday but they have done nothing since. Oh by the way 3 mines were blown up while we were there.

I went for a ride yesterday with a fellow named Barton. He and I are great friends. He was up at Sandhurst the same time that I was He was born in Montreal but came from there when 8 years old. We have got a fine Chateau for the mess here.

I had a lot of trouble with live stock in our last trenches but you can't do anything for it.

We are going into the same trenches again next time and then back to the place you know of. I expect I shall be going up there on a working party tomorrow.

No news otherwise.

Your loving son Tom
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