Leavers of 1993 Reunion
1993 Reunion and Tour of School

It was a very rainy day in June when we gathered for a tour of the school and after walking through the front door of No 1 and not getting in trouble, we knew we had aged - it felt like only yesterday we were in school not 20 years ago. It was amazing to see such new parts of the school such as the new gym and science block, which have been built at the back of No 1 lawn, where the pond and ‘Jocks Cottage’ used to stand, the classes where we started as 11 year olds were exactly the same and it was lovely to see Mrs Wooderson who was a form tutor to some in 1N, who incidentally doesn’t look a day older! Some parts of the school are unrecognisable, especially School House where our sixth form studies were, the sixth formers now have their own building in Church St (and rumours of a cafe..) . The Maths block brought back bad memories for a few OH’s who couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Sadly the June weather was against us and our outdoor picnic was moved to the refectory. A special mention to Mrs Miles who, after all of us ladies apologised for the colour of our hair & what jewellery we were wearing replied that she was very glad we still had spirit!

Thank you so much to Helen Pearson and Claire Morgan-Jones from the OH Development office for organising it all, the teachers that came even though they thought they had seen the back of us 20 years ago, the OH’s/Wives/Husbands & Children who made it back to Hereford for the day and those who made it to Saxtys in the evening. I look forward to the 30th anniversary!

Beckie Willcocks (Mathias)
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