Dr Stephen C Rowlands (OH 1964-1971)
The club has been informed of the death of Dr Stephen Rowlands, who has died of lymphoma cancer. A Thanksgiving service will be held on Wednesday 29th November @12.30 pm, at St Katherine's church, Holt, Wilts then all welcome at Steve's golf club-

Cumberwell Park, Bradford on Avon.

Steve Rowlands died in 2017.

He had endured great pain and suffering. For his family and friends it was a time of huge sadness and loss but also immense admiration for the way he bore his suffering and to the very end maintained his legendary sense of humour .

Everyone who knew this wonderful man will have his own special memory of Steve.

Here is mine.

Steve and I met as young teenagers in Hereford Cathedral School..

We hit it off immediately and became life long friends, only losing track of each other when Steve went walkabout in the South Pacific.

In 1983 I was a newly qualified solicitor cutting my teeth in the Magistrate courts of Gloucester. One day a letter arrived for me marked from the Solomon Islands.

So that’s where Rowlands got to, working as a hospital doctor. It was a short letter, more a set of instructions. Cowper , it read, I have sorted your job out. Pack your bag, get on the plane here, the job is yours. You’ll be doing some legal work up the rivers .

See you at the airport.

Me just qualified, what is he on about . A few days later a substantial advert appeared in The Times for the position of Resident Magistrate in Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

Applications invited from barristers and solicitors of 10 years standing !

Some years later we met up. Cowper, why didn’t you take that job.

Rowlands, I had been qualified for about 3 months. You idiot, they have to advertise like that. The Lord Chief Justice was my next door neighbour. My best mate.

It was all sorted. All you had to do was get on the plane, you dimwit.

I should have known Rowlands would have it sorted.

Steve made things happen. He was that kind of guy.

Paul Cowper OH 1965-1970
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