Mr Daniel Warwick Townsend (OH 1977-1982)
The Club has been informed of the sudden death of Dan Townsend, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mel and his family at this moment.

Most sadly, and unexpectedly, Daniel Warwick Townsend (OH) passed away on the 6th March this year whilst on business in the United States of America. He is dearly missed by his family Mel, Matthew, Harry and Rose, and his mother, Wendy, brother Rob and sister Kate. Dan was an OH through and through, having joined the Preparatory School at the age of 10 in 1974, and going on to complete the 6th form in 1982. Dan went on to a highly successful career in the wine business and was a global senior executive at the leading edge of the industry. More so, of course, Dan was a husband, father, son, brother and friend - giving his all to his family and friends, always with a smile and a positive attitude. His inspirational leadership, unswerving integrity and encouraging nature are held in the highest regard by all who have had the privilege and good fortune to know him. Dan is especially remembered by Stephen Wardle (OH) who embarked upon the Herefordian journey together with Dan in 1974, and also Tim Evans, Tim Reed, Rich Atkinson, Karen MacDonald (Glover) and Anna Ellis (Brookes) who represented the School at Dan's funeral in Wells on the 3rd April. Memories abound of fun-filled train journeys from Malvern to school, his playful joshing with members of staff, his passion for cricket, and his perfectly timed life observations. These were our formative years and Dan was hugely influential - we owe him a lot and thought he would always be here. No matter how long we had all been apart we could step right back into a conversation with Dan as if we'd never been apart. Above all else, Dan will be remembered for his quick wit, generosity, reassuring presence, confidence in simply doing what was right, and his ever-present smile.

OH class of '82 will gather socially in Hereford at 'Gilbies' at 7pm on 16 September 2017; we shall undoubtedly feel Dan's presence amongst us. All those who could not make the funeral are encouraged to join this reunion and we will raise a glass once more to our dear departed friend, Daniel Warwick Townsend who is greatly missed.

Richard Atkinson, Tim Evans & Anna Ellis
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