No 1 Castle Street Reunion
Number One Reunion

It seemed a good idea at the time – a Reunion to mark 20 years since the closure of No.1 as a Boarding House – but then I fell seriously ill. Would I get better in time? Would anyone turn up? Would the weather be kind?

Well it worked out fine – in spite of a meeting of OHs the previous month. A goodly gathering came to recall old times, see the new developments and Sports Hall and sample Sir’s wine. It was good to meet three generations of Broads and to know the chorister gene still flourishes. There were also three generations of Codds and Conyers - Silverthorn – and where one Silverthorn is present can another Silverthorn be far behind? I must say Councillor Mark Silverthorn still looked too young to be a father! Ex-choristers were plentiful – and Major Russell Atherton represented the Army splendidly.

It was not surprising to see Rupert and Brett in cahoots again – what were they up to now? They had been planning fun together since they were eight! Mrs Lawrence was there to sort them out as ever. What a champion! House tutors were in attendance – and Nick Wells produced a fascinating photo album to embarrass everybody. Mrs Ashford returned to administer medicine/discipline if required.

There was the charitable auction for the No.1 Fund. This tradition had started at the first party we held when the House closed. Was Brett the one who paid £60 for the dreaded hairbrush? We made over £1,000 – but what is it about brothers? The Hickeys and the Hungs went hammer and tong against each other for key items. It all helped to swell the coffers to support future choristers.

The Archive Room was much admired – and the many reminisces of No. 1 on display. Unfortunately my portrait which I had hoped to see the last of, was purchased and cruelly presented to the Archives – so no escape after all! It was kind of the Headmaster to look in and for Juliette Austen Chandler to support us. I think a great time was had by all, thanks to the smooth organisation of Helen Pearson and Claire Morgan-Jones. I certainly enjoyed myself. Next one in ten years’time?!

Ege Paker
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