Peter G Husbands (OH 1947-1952)
Peter was born in 1936 and lived at Ryeland Street, Hereford as a lad.

He attended HCS as a Dayboy at the age of 11 and entered West House.

As well as achieving good 'O' level grades, he was always keen on art as a subject.

Thus he assisted in starting up The Sketching Club with help from Senior Art Master Mr T V Milligan.

He joined the CCF and was soon elevated to the rank of Corporal, having achieved, like many other cadets before him several Corps Certificates to add to his list of honours.

Peter was called up to perform his National Service and joined the Royal Signals. Although he spent much of his time stationed in the UK, his regiment was posted overseas for part of his 2 year spell.

PGH trained as a Civil Engineer after being de-mobbed and continued his career in commerce.
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