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Sweetheart: All serene and better weather. I have yours of 5th, a Monday, and had hoped you would have got my first pc that morning? We got in here ‘bout 11.30 on the Friday of that week and started to transfer our serious cases as soon as we anchored – but I didn’t get into my cabins until early afternoon, as Martin and his brigade has naturally a good deal of tidying up to do after the cots had been taken out BUT – I wrote you a pc in time to catch the evening’s mail. I must look into it C-in-C sent for me 3 o/c and then I had to interview my own Captains, but eventually tumbled into bed at 8.30 and slept ‘werry ‘eavy’.

Here is the boy’s letter. I have marked, with blue pencil, what was the result of rank stupidity at the Admiralty – I see Balfour blames the Press for writing such unwarrantably pessimistic leading articles, How can he excuse the form of the first communique? And, what is much worse- how can he justify having allowed Winston to meddle in the matter? A piece of interference we look on as an insult? Here is old man Bethall’s letter you can tear it up. I see that two officers, and some3 men from Nestor have been picked up – so young Maurice may be all right.

My poor dear, you are going to have a bad doing. Lou, Willie and May! It’s a bit thick! Hurray up and get to Warblington – you can let the Egertons have the house? And then they will clear our elsewhere having had enough of Southsea? No more news.

Here is rather a nice story to cheer you up. When Alexander-Sinclair in Galatea and Cameron in Phaeton brought down that Zepp some weeks ago- Cameron made to his Commodore ‘many congratulations. Reference Hymn no 224 last verse.

You look it up!
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