Leavers of 1990 Reunion
LEAVERS OF 1990 Reunion, 27th February 2010 - Saxty’s

The event was really well attended, 34 OH’s in all with partners. Also a few staff graced us with their presence! It was 20 years since we all left and somehow I was persuaded to organise a small gathering! I had a great time! I signed up to Facebook, and very soon they all came out of the woodwork! Between us we managed to locate 74 people from the year group. Sadly the date did not suit lots of people, but who knows next time more may be able to come!

Saxty’s was a great venue, many thanks to Ed Symonds (OH). We met to watch six nations rugby, and moved on to a champagne reception in Saxty’s library. The night went well, much drink consumed and some great memories discussed!

Anyone up for another gathering next year? Just let me know.

• Gay Butterworth

• Phil Seal

• Jess Moore

• Lizzie Wetherall (Carter)

• Tim Wetherall

• Jez Ponting

• Julian Edwards

• Toby & Donna Briant

• Lyndon Price

• Sam & Andy Blackburn

• Jez & Rhian Thomas

• Sarah Marsh

• Jamer Lias

• Sean Slater

• Simon Built

• Emma Jessop

• Victoria Tudge & Hubbie

• Ruth Davis (Armstrong)

• Julian Owens

• Dom Goold

• James Targett

• Blaise Lester

• Jesse Boucher

• James & Deborah Townsend

• Emma Davis

• Jock & Debbie Smiley

• Torie Darke (Havard)

• Anna Butlin

Gay Butterworth (Watkins).
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