Letters from the front - TN Wlimott

My dear mother

We are still in the trenches but the sun has improved them a lot. Yesterday evening we were heavily shelled and the Boches attacked a redoubt on our right. We nearly had to go and make a counter attack but were stopped just before.

It is almost certain that we go into Divisional rest very soon and after that we shall probably change our bit of the line. I don't mind much where we go as long as there is no mining. However to get a Div Rest will be excellent. I think it means a month. The longest other rest we have had was 16 days at Xmas when we changed divisions.

We met a lot of the officers of the 1st Bn the other day. The Battn was moving to take over some more line.

I will write a longer letter when we get out of these trenches.

Your loving son Tom
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