Dr Charles Seeley (OH 1920-1925)
Charles Seeley died peacefully in his sleep at home on 1st October 2005 just one year short of a Century.

C D had a distinguished career in public health medicine. Born in Abertillery, Monmouthshire, he was the fourth of six children. He had witnessed his father having returned from the first World War suffering from the effects of gas poisoning.

Charles won a scholarship to Hereford Cathedral School, where he was a pupil during the 1920's. On leaving HCS in 1925, he won a Kitchener Scholarship to St Mary's Hospital Medical School, graduating in 1934. After a period in paediatrics, he went into puplic health and was awarded the Diploma in Public Health in 1938 and the MD degree in 1948. He was in the RNVR during World War II and was posted in turn to London, Newcastle & Birmingham to assist in the organisation of emergency medical services for civilians. He returned to London in 1950 and joined the Ministry of Health, eventually being appointed Senior Medical Officer.

Dr Seeley later became Regional Medical Officer to the Wessex and Oxford regions and Liaison Officer to the Council of Europe and the World Health Organistation (WHO). During the 1950's he also worked as part time lecturer in social medicine to both Westminster and St George's Hospital Medical Schools. These appointments reflected the growing importance attached to social medicine in the curriculum, with the realisation that the logical practice of preventative and therapeutic medicine required an understanding of the enviroment in which people lived and worked.

He was considered an outstanding teacher and administrator. Former students and colleagues plus doctors from overseas, for whom he had organised study programmes, all remained close friends throughout his long and happy retirement.

C D played rugby for his native Wales as a schoolboy and later for his Medical School. His other main interest was his family, to whom he was devoted. He also enjoyed foreign travel and in particular his annual visit to his beloved Venice, where he attended many operas.

Charles was tremendously grateful for the scholarship to Hereford Cathedral School, where he had developed his great love of choral music. Moreover, he is thankful for the Kitchener Scholars Foundation which enabled him to study medicine and go on to become a leading physician in his field.

Adapted from information sent in to the Club by Dr Hugh Seeley.
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