Charles H Ockey (OH 1936 - 1943)
Charlie suffered a stroke in February and died on 15th March 2007 at the age of 81.

Below is an extract of a letter sent in by Charles' brother J H Ockey ( OH 1934 - 1941 ) following his death.

" When our father retired from the Metropolitan Police in 1933, he moved the family back to his native Herefordshire, in the town of Lugwardine. Charlie and I joined HCS as dayboys, Charlie in the Prep. School and me in the 'Senior ( or Big ) School' as it was commonly referred to back then. Coming from yeoman farming stock, we both had an extremely happy time as country boys. When Charlie left HCS in 1943, he joined the Royal Navy after attending a short course in Oceanography and Botany at Liverpool University."

" At the end of the war, he took an Honours Degree course in Agricultural Botany at Aberystwyth University before moving to Manchester to begin a long career as a Cyto-geneticist during which time he achieved a PhD in the subject. "
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