Elizabeth Locke Nee Whittaker (OH 1972-1974)
It is with great sadness that the School and the OH Club have to announce the death of Elizabeth Locke nee Whittaker OH (1972-1974) and former Head of Religious Studies.

The funeral will take place at 1100 on Friday 28th December at St Mary's Church in Almeley and the School has been informed that her husband Simon, and children Cassidy and Henry, both OH, extend an invitation to all who would like to attend. They ask that if you are going to attend you email c.morganjones@herefordcs.com by 26th December, so they might know OH numbers for catering.

The following is from St Mary's Church website:

St. Mary’s Church, Church Terrace, Almeley, Herefordshire, HR3 6LB

Parking: As we are in a farming community there are often wide farming vehicles that need to travel along the village roads. We ask, therefore, that you park considerately, especially on the road leading from the church to the old railway bridge. There are some areas not far from the church where parking is easier, and we ask that you use these if possible, and have a slightly longer walk to the service. There is a map here which shows areas for parking, areas where there is no parking because the street is too narrow or is needed for large vehicles such as buses and tractors to turn, and residential streets where there is some parking, but please give consideration to the house owners’ access. Parking at The Bells Inn is by permission of the Landlord, Jason, 01544327216, (thebellsinn@yahoo.co.uk)
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