Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
2/Worc Regt Monday

My dear mother,

We are more or less into it again but have no nearly made up the strength of the Battalion yet. We have got too many officers having had lots of K's A sent out. It is very rotten having to go down under these K's Army captains etc who have been in England all the time while we have been going through it here.

We had a magnificant sight here this morning. There was a duel between 3 of our planes and one German over the place where we are. They were so low we could see the men in their seats only about 150 ft up. Well our aeroplanes forced the German down to earth with machineguns and in the end he had to land. There were 3 Germans in the plane one killed one wounded and the other allright. The machine was in perfect condition and one of our fellows flew away in it afterwards. Well we nearly had another down here this evening. 11 of ours against 1 German but it got away in the end.

I am now in charge of the Battalion suicide club, which means the Grenadiers. There are 65 of them. I am also billetting officers and also have got a platoon to look after so on the whole have got a lot to do.

Your loving son Tom
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