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A linelet, my Heart, to tell you all goes well, and that I have your letter of 8th , written after my letter of Sunday 4th had reached you.- Here is Willie’s back. I will see if Martin can take up a lump of stuff for the small son: the said Martin told me last night as he was putting down the dead lights at 9.30 for ‘Darken Ship’ in answer to my query whether the gig could be mended up ‘I counted 150 holes in her!’ I was very cheered to gather yesterday, after we got back here, that the surgeon had been down to the China, hospital ship, during the few hours we were shifting our gun and that our bad cases were going on very well: they were so groggy that they hadn’t been sent South by train: the young buglar boy is the most critical- Rather blowy, but otherwise all right, and that’s about all-

The Russians are doing right well, C in C told me Lord Kitchener had said that the Germans would not reach their highest point of man-power until October of this year, which is some months after the generally accepted estimate. Yep: I think you will find the Old Farm House a very welcome harbourage,. I look out of my scuttle and see more Dockyard mateys coming on board with their bags and hammocks – so suspect the 1st Lte of making a bit out of our necessary repairs. Bless you.
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