OH Club travel scholarship for 16 - 23 year olds

The Old Herefordian Club supports travel scholarships up to a total of £300 per year. This award may be split or awarded to one applicant at the Headmaster’s discretion.

The Travel Scholarship is awarded to all Old Herefordians, aged between 16 and 23 who are still in full time education, who seek support for travel which has an educational or charitable aim, e.g. expedition, Gap year. Upper Sixth students may apply for an award following their final A2 exams.

Conditions of the award are:

1. The applicants should apply in writing to the Headmaster at the Old Deanery, Cathedral Close, Hereford HR1 2NG, explaining the purpose of their travel, the reasons for wanting to go, how they will benefit from the experience, the total cost of their travel and how they intend to meet this cost.

2. The recipient(s) of an award will be required to produce photos and a comprehensive report* for inclusion in the Old Herefordian magazine which is published each October.

3. Applications must be received by the first day of the summer term and travel scholarships are awarded for any period in the following 12 months.

4. If an individual does not commence the planned activity any award paid must be returned in full. If an individual does not complete the planned activity then the Old Herefordian Club may ask for a refund of up to half of any amount paid.

5. The welfare of any individual undertaking any activity funded by an Old Herefordian Club Travel Scholarship is entirely the responsibility of that individual.

* The report, of approximately 1,500 words and with photographs (jpeg/high resolution) should be provided to the Editor of the Old Herefordian (email herefordian@herefordcs.com ) with a copy to the Headmaster, within one month of the completion of the activity. The report should include the following:

i) A description of the travel experience – where it was, what it involved, activities, the reasons for wanting to go.

ii) A summary of what was gained from the travel experience in terms of personal development and acquiring new skills (e.g. working in a team, leadership, etc.)
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