Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
[KW date 26 July 1915]

Dug Out Davies s/t

My dear mother

Very many thanks for both your letters and the razor blades. You may be surprised to hear that I got two letters from you yesterday. Well one of them is the one that you sent to me at Devonport just as I came out to France. It is wonderful that it should have turned up after all this time. I'll send you the envelope back as a curio. It has been to both the 1st and 3rd Battns and also Rgs 7, 8 and 10 at the base.

By the way I have never heard a word fromt he school about those footers so I'll write myself.

I have received two parcels from Aunt Esther. I got one yesterday. She has been very good in sending things out to me. And thankyou so much for the chocolate which you Muriel and Joyce sent to me. I wrote and thanked Meriel yesterday. I hope Palmerston House Ross will reach her.

I have not found a user for the elemac[?] razor blades but there has to be somebody. One of the sergeants probably.

H. Daubeny came up from the base yesterday with 25 men. I had 1 corporal and 4 men of them came to my Platoon. I knew them all which was useful. The corporal is an especially promising fellow. He is only 19: and not been up here before. I would rather have half the men new to trench life than all used to it I think. Perhaps you'll understand why, but it doesn't do the men's nerves too good to have been out here too long.

We had a note from the Germans on Wednesday night. They gave us rapid rifle & machine gun fire intermingled with whizz bangs for 10 minutes. I was just going out in front with a corporal to reconnoitre when they started. Lucky they did not leave it till 5 minutes later. However we went out and did what we wanted when they calmed down.

There's fun starting so I must turn off.

Your loving son Tom

PS My platoon is in the front line. I have not seen Daubeny yet as he is in reserve.

I hope you'll be able to get those stocking puttees. They are just like puttees on stockings. They go over the boot. We came in here on Wednesday evening.
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