Letter to Mother - T Wilmott
My Dear Mother

We have got stuck halfway, that is why I am writing from here. However we can get stuck as much as they like on the way back. We stopped at Southampton not leaving till 7 o'clock this morning and now we are here. We crawl on again at about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Nobody can complain about no stoppages for food this time.

I met Aunt Esther all right and we managed to get a cab. Also having to fight the taxi driver because he refused to take me to Waterloo, saying it wasn't done, and that Victoria was my place. Very obstinate. He took us to Waterloo on condition that in his eyes we were raving idiots.

I went to a Picture Palace at Southampton last night and had a huge dinner thinking it would be last and now we have got to have another huge one in case it really will be our last. Heaven knows when we shall reach the Battalion!

Tell me when you get news of Cecil.

Your loving son Tom

PS This place where I am writing is new to when I was about 4 months ago. Know where I am?
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