Letter to Mother- T Wilmott
My Dear Mother

I have not been able to see Larry yet and now I'm afraid I never shal. We are leaving the Division. We have been in the trenches ever since I got back from leave and tomorrow we are going 12 miles back to join the New Division. It is composed of New Army with a few regular Battalions to instruct them and bear the brunt of the whole thing probably.

Larry's Battalion was in the trenches with our battalion for instruction when I was on leave but they have not been in since. They were only in for one day otherwise they have been engaged in working parties. And a very scrumbly lot they are now they've got here. Still I suppose they'll get into it.

We were inspected by the Divisional Commanders today and he said goodbye to the Bn. It has been in the Div ever since the start of the war.

The trenches are awful at present. Right up to your waist in mud for 4 days and nights. We have just come out for some rest now but the Bn has been in the trenches for 20 days.

Your loving son Tom
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