Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother,

We are still in the trenches and not moving at all a nice time. They are shelling us pretty hard, but we are giving them a much better time then they have been giving us. A large bit of shrapnel dropped quite beside me then.

I am hoping that they will really give us some rest when this is all over and not put it off this time, I have only had 41/2 hours sleep since Sunday night. We spent one day out of the trenches on Monday.

On Sunday and Monday we had the pleasure of seeing some fleets of French aeroplanes come over composed of about 13. They just flew about while the Bosches fired at them. They must have wasted about 3,000 shells on them. We have had no mail for some days.

I saw in the papers that Major Carless was missing.

I have lost Robert's address so will you send it me again. I may find it meanwhile. I hope so anyhow.

Will you ask Mr Adkin if he remembers Barton or send me his address. Barton had a near shave last night the man next to him being dropped by a rifle grenade.

Has Barton finished my photos yet.

I must go round the front line now as I am officer on duty.

Your very loving son Tom

PS Tell me any news of Larry and his address
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