Letters to Mother - TN Wilmot
Tuesday July 28

My dear mother

No time to write. Nobody has been into town for a long time but somebody is going in tomorrow. We have been working hours awfully late lately. Up till 10.30 last night and the temp. just missed 100? in the shade.

Went to river on Sunday and bathed twice.

We have been getting up hay the last week racing a predicted storm. It is coming tonight by the looks of the sky.

Got another calf (heifer)

Your loving son Tom

August 2nd Sunday

My dear mother

We have had such terribly hot weather that all the crops have been pretty nearly burnt out. We are starting harvesting tomorrow on the breaking.

We had rather a fright yesterday in the way of a very bad hailstorm. Luckily it did not lay the crop flat but a worse storm followed the course fo the river just afterwards which may have done a lot of harm. They are liable to come at about this time and lay all the crops flat so that the only thing to do is to plough up for next. The storm goes right across the country in a narrow strip like a cyclone. I was harrowing at the time with an outfit (4 horses) and had to stand out in the lot as of course it would have been no use attempting to drive the horses. Just had to turn their backs towards it while they kicked and screamed until it passed over.

We went down to the river on Thursday and had a bathe. Last Tuesday we just missed touching 100? in the shade. It's jolly warm working in the that sort of weather.

Mrs and Mrs [?] Porter have gone into town, but I don't suppose they will get any mail it being Sunday. I have'nt had any for about a fortnight. Please thank Joyce for her letter. I don't know if I've done so before but say I'll write.

Hugh Sampson is going away for the winter to stay with friends and go to an agricultural college in Guelf (can't spell it). He is going before threshing I believe so we shall be in for some work as Val is not coming until after harvest. His people were staying here for a little time ago. His father is the Astronomer Royal of Scotland.

What happend at the Off [?] match? I suppose I ought to get a Herefordian. They seem to have done pretty badly at cricket from some cuttings which Joyce sent. I hope the cup was alright. Who got it? I should guess Vaughan though I've heard nothing of what has happened.

I must chuck now.

Your lovoing son Tom

[Same letter continued]

Aug 9th Sunday

I never posted this. What excitement there must be in England about the war. I hope there'll be a chance of volunteering out here -- there might be with luck. We shan't hear much about it here as the papers are heavily censured and we don't often get those. We started harvest yesterday. No time to write only just finished work and 9.30
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