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Sweetheart. That’s a very plucky letter of your of the 3rd when you had seen the papers; very plucky letter and Iam very proud of you. Really our Press gives me the fantals. The all Tory papers Times, Globe, Morning Post went off at half cock with Jeremiahs of deepest purple: Damned if I don’t turn Radical. I am more inclined to, and have been for some years – The Westminster Gazette was quite sound, Daily Chronicle stupidly rabid.

Sunday rags absolutely beneath contempt- yelling for Jacky to come back and for every VAL’s head, in command at sea, to be cut off! Makes me sick. The truth, my child, is that we missed the chance of annihilating Germany at sea: on the other hand, they got as much as they had stomach for, and were badly rattled. While + and – about balance. Let us keep our heads – NOT despise our enemy – as we were rather prone to do – and make up our minds to let ‘em have it properly next time – that’s all I am going to say for now.

Just like old Giffard a selfish old man, too tired to come into Southsea so rings you up – knowing full well your own anxieties and troubles and pushes his own dirty work on to you – Damn his eyes- I am sending you, my Heart, a list of our poor fellows who have gone or who are dangerously wounded: I have written myself to each with one exception – duly marked- WO. I will write as well, so all will have had my own letter. I want you to write a line as well? Particularly to the Sergeant of Marine’s widow. And to the mother of Hogan, my steward. Tell ‘em all you have heard from me how well Calliope’s behaved. You can also write to Mrs Tate and give her cautious summary of what I have told you, but be wary for the old boy has a tongue of the loosest description, and your Charles E. doesn’t want to be mixed up in the bickering that must almost inevitably take place. Write Lady Bethall too: I wrote the old man on Sunday – Heart up my child. All goes well with State.
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