Letter to Mother - T Wilmott
My dear mother

A very merry Xmas to you and all at home. And many thanks for your letter which I got yesterday.

I can't think where Larry's lot are although they can't be very far away. We did not go right back as we thought but only a very little way and we shall probably go into the trenches again on the 28th. Who White is I can't think -- I never heard of him.

My first letter was not written from Rouen but from the place where I landed.

The leather waistcoat is a great comfort as when my tunic has got sodden with mud from the sides of the trench I can wear the waistcoat as a coat in the dugout when there is one. Aunt Esther's stockings are very good too for the gumboots.

Parcels are arriving for everybody in stacks. I've never seen so many in my life before. Puddings and cakes galore. If Robert is at home please thank him very much indeed for the cake which I have just got.

I like the idea of these recruits coming in in hordes, all in the most awful funk of becoming conscripts.

I have never heard of Larry's friend Osborne. Probably a chorister if he was anything to do with Dr Sinclair.

I should like the H Times very much.

What about my prophecy about Sir Douglas Haig when I was home? Quite right wasn't it? I wonder who will be our Army Comdr now.

Your very loving son Tom
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