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Sweetheart. I have years of 9th and both Lady Poore’s book and the box of picks have arrived in excellent condition. Rather a triumph to have one’s own flowers on the table? Get a copy of ‘Land and Water’ for last week 0- you will find quite a good account of the big action in it. Pollen’s brother, Father Pollen, was our RC Chaplain in the pre-historic fleet Bethell days, and was included in the severely wounded.

We have shifted over to the North Shore to get the men out of the ship and incidentally, so some drills. So I am away from the Fleet Flagship and my own callers, the husband of that old camel Armstrong woman was the best man I have ever seen at that game. At Portland, if he could not button-hole the Chief of Staff am he would return pm and all for nothing! A real terror – Martin secured me some fresh souvenirs so Teddy and Thurston James will be all serene – young monkeys – Yes they are difficult letters to write. I have had answers now from the nearly all of them – very brace – you are such a sympathetic person, my child, that my relations cling to your instinctively! A shocking nuisance, I agree, but look on it as a tribute to your personal charm! At the same time accepting my fullest sympathy. My hat, they will quarrel! A combination of Lou, May and Agnes would wreck the Convocation of Canterbury, or whatever the annual meeting of our bishops is called-

No news: I Spotted JRJ the chief of staff and Halsey all waking up and down on the quarter-deck and all the highest spirits, so concluded the dispatches are off their chests! Nigh – night weather simply artic. Cold NE Wind
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