Richard Andrew Williams (OH 1957-1964)
It has been reported to the Club that, following a second series of major surgical procedures to try and deal with a brain tumour Richard failed to regain consciousness and sadly passed away at Salford Royal Infirmary on April 10 2012 He was just 66.

His family were with him right until the end.

Richard was the son of Mrs & Mrs Williams, whose eldest son Geoffrey entered Hereford Cathedral School in 1950. Richard joined Geoffrey in 1957 and remained at HCS until he reached the Sixth Form where he obtained 3 Mathematics and Science ‘A ‘ levels. He played for the Colts Rugby team and for the 1st XV, and was a fine distance runner, winning the Senior Hull cross-country and other distance events.

Two of his younger brothers, Philip and then Peter followed him to the school: in fact, from 1950 continuously until 1973 there was one of the family at HCS, which may well be a record.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, where he was awarded First Class Honours, and a research studentship. His field of research was hydraulic oscillating devices, and he was awarded successively the M Sc and then the Ph D. He entered the Government’s Scientific Service and, in a notable career change, was successfully selected for the then Inland Revenue, eventually retiring after a career with HMRC as a Corporation Tax specialist.

Richard married Penelope Emery at St Peter’s Church, Hereford, in February 1971. They had four children: Nicholas (who studied Veterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College and Medical Physics, and is now a secondary school Head of Science); Madeleine, who studied Nursing at the University of Birmingham, Youth Work at King’s College, London, and Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and is now a curate in Peterborough; Timothy (who died at 6 weeks, in a tragic cot death); and Esther who studied Japanese at Ulster and Sheffield Universities, and is now a civil servant on the fast track.

Richard was never happier than when solving complex engineering problems and working with his hands. He was always fit, cycling both some distance to work each day and for recreation. He enjoyed climbing hills which younger cyclists found daunting.

He sailed his GP14 dinghy, which he bought and renovate, with great skill, both on inland waters and on the sea. Colleagues remember him as modest and kind: he never paraded his academic distinctions, and when they were recalled at his funeral service they came as a surprise to those who worked closely with him.

He loved his family and rejoiced in his grandchildren. His strong Christian faith sustained him to the last.

Geoffrey Williams
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