Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

We are back in the fighting again after going back for 16 hours sleep and I slept the whole time. We have been in it since Friday Sept 24 where we were in support for an attack. 3 lines of trenches were taken but we lost them again. On Saturday night we moved south and attacked on Sunday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We charged over 500 yds of open ground and took two lines of trenches. C and D Coys led the attack A & B Coys following (my Coy is C). We had to face the most awful rifle and machine gun fire, the Germans using explosive bullets. That night C and D Coys had to dig themselves in with entrenching tools as we only had a little head cover and no trenches. We held those trenches till Thursday morning repelling two bombing attacks. We went out of the trenches that day and came back yesterday to the same place. We don't know what is going to happen but something probably. Our casualties were 13 officers & about 350 men.

The Batt received the congratulations of General Gough i/c 1st Army Corps and 3 Brigadier Generals.

We hoped we were going to be given a bit of rest after our casualties but no such luck, they sent us into it again after one Day. You remember Daubeny -- he was killed, also Oldham who was at Hereford School. There were other officers killed but you wouldn't know them. This is a magnificent battlefield. We could see the Infantry on either side of us charging. I saw the cavalry go up too. It is a fine sight but the place is strewn with dead, and I would sooner peace was declared tomorrow.

Your loving son Tom
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