Evolva Award
This award, which is worth up to £1250, has been funded by Patrick Henchoz, parent and former Governor, to assist current Upper Sixth Form students and Old Herefordians up to the age of 21, with the costs of undertaking voluntary, charitable, conservation, educational work, career related work placements or internships in the UK or abroad. This award may be split or awarded to one applicant at the Headmaster’s discretion.

All applicants should write the to Headmaster by no later than the end of the Spring Term.

Conditions of the award are:

1. The applicants should apply in writing to the Headmaster, explaining the nature and duration of the work, trip or placement they wish to undertake and the personal development they see arising from it, the total planned cost of their intended activity and how they intend to meet this cost.

2. The recipient(s) of an award will be required to produce photos and a comprehensive report* for possible inclusion in the School magazine and/or the Old Herefordian magazine and websites.

3. Applications must be received by the last day of the Spring term can be made for any period in the following 12 months. Awards will be considered, if funds remain, for applications received by the first day of the Autumn term for activities in the following 12 months.

4. If an individual does not commence the planned activity any award paid must be returned in full. If an individual does not complete the planned activity then the School may ask for a refund of up to half of any amount paid.

5. The welfare of any individual undertaking any activity funded by this award is entirely the responsibility of that individual.

* The report, of approximately 1,000 words with photographs (jpeg/high resolution) should be provided to the Editor of the Old Herefordian and the School Magazine(email herefordian@herefordcs.com); the Marketing Director with a copy to the Headmaster, within two months of the completion of the activity. The report should include the following:

i) A description of the experience – where it was, what it involved, activities, the reasons for wanting to undertake it.

ii) A summary of what was gained from the experience in terms of personal development and acquiring new skills (e.g. working in a team, leadership, etc.)
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